Why is Egyptian Cotton Superior to Regular Cotton?

Lately, a lot of people have asked us why Egyptian cotton is considered better than regular cotton.  People want to understand the key differences and in this article we will try to highlight some of them.

The first thing to understand is that Egyptian cotton and Regular Cotton come from different plants. Therefore their properties can never be exactly the same.

Egyptian cotton is formed from the rich soil beside the “Nile River”. The moist atmosphere of the “Nile River Valley” makes the ideal conditions to raise long cotton fibers called “staples”.  Fibers from Egyptian Cotton are substantially longer than regular cotton.  So what does this mean?

The longer staple translates into more uninterrupted fiber to use when composing yarn and threads.  This means there are fewer splices and therefore the threads and eventually the fabrics are stronger.  This also gives us the ability to turn these extra-long fibers into very fine yarn making it softer and more lustrous than regular cotton.

Because we can generate finer yarn from Egyptian cotton, we are able to pack more
thread counts into each square inch.  This results in an extremely taut weave of the fabric.  This also helps us to create stronger fabric and therefore Egyptian cotton sheets last significantly longer than regular cotton.

Another important difference between the two cottons is that Egyptian cotton is a lot more porous.  This helps it soak up moisture a lot more than regular cotton and therefore helps people sleep better than regular cotton.

So now that we have explained some of the key differences, we would like to answer another common question:  What do I look for when ordering Egyptian Cotton Sheets?  In order to experience the true qualities of Egyptian cotton, we need to make sure that we are buying 100% Egyptian cotton and not a cotton blend.

Another thing to evaluate is the thread count.  It is generally known that higher thread
count means softer and stronger (more durable) sheets.  You also want single ply sheets!

Beware of the fakes!  When you see bed sheets being sold for $39.99 at a mall kiosk and they claim to be 1500 TC Egyptian cotton sheet sets, they are not!  While it may be entirely true that cotton in these sheets was grown in Egypt, it does not mean it is THE Extra Long Staple (ELS) Egyptian Cotton!! Only 4% of the cotton produced is the world renowned Egyptian cotton.  And authentic 1500TC 100% Egyptian cotton sheet sets do not cost $39.99.  Its similar to someone advertising to sell gold at $499/ounce in today’s day and age!  It is simply not possible!

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