Bed in a Bag – A Simple Way of Enhancing Your Bedroom Décor

Some people think the term Bed in a Bag means a portable fold-up bed that’s utilized when needed and stored away from the sight otherwise.  Actually, Bed in a Bag is a term used to
describe a complete set of bedding linens for a bedroom.

Beds in a bag are convenient, usually more economical that buying bedding items individually, typically all items are made with similar materials, and is the fastest way to transform a bedroom dramatically with just one purchase.  Most people don’t have the
time to go from one store to another trying to find all of the bedding they require, and making certain that it all matches and blends together.  Bed in a bag solves this dilemma.  So let’s discuss each of these benefits individually.

One of the biggest benefits of Beds in a Bag is considerable savings for the consumer compared to buying same exact items individually.  Right off the bat, we know it costs more to individually pack items and put inventory information on them.  It also costs more to display and put these individual items on the shelves at the retail stores.  Manufacturers of Beds in a Bag typically add pillows for no profit into the mix in order to sell the comforter and bed sheets (Think Big Picture)!  These savings are considerable enough to influence savvy buyers into buying Beds in a Bag over individual items.  Of course if
you are only looking for one specific item for your bedroom, it does not make any sense to buy the entire package.

Convenience is another major advantage.  We all live busy lives today and very few of
us have time to go from one shop (or aisle) to another, trying to find individual items to complete the bedding sets.  The convenience of Bed in a Bag saves tremendous time and the results of bedroom transformation are immediate.

When you buy a Bed in a Bag, you know that all items are made of similar mold and design so you don’t need to worry about mismatched material properties.  For example, the thread count, pattern, weave and quality of the pillow covers will be the same as the
fitted sheets.

Nowadays, items inside the Bed in a Bag come in various quantities – anywhere from 5 pieces to 12 pieces).  All other things being equal, typically higher count will mean higher cost (Read:  better Value and investment)!  As with everything else in life, not all Beds
in a Bag are created equal.  Once must carefully review the materials used in their manufacturing.  Higher thread count of the fabric, single ply sheets, material (as always, we recommend 100% Egyptian Cotton), stitching, weave, and pattern need to be carefully reviewed.

At (, Beds in a Bag are available in bounty of designs and molds.  Most of them are made with high quality 100% Egyptian Cotton.  There is a broad
variety of colors, materials, designs, and thread counts are obtainable in all sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King).

We stand behind all of our products.  We are available to answer any questions you
may have and help you pick the right product.

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